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Although Flanagan & Biedenweg was Chicago’s largest stained class company, only a handful of its art glass windows can be positively identified today: two large occhio windows at St. Vincent de Paul Church (1895-97) and a panel from the Magi Window, presently located in De Paul University’s Library (restored in 1992). Joseph Flanagan donated the window.

The occhio in the east transept at St. Vincent de Paul centers upon Christ enthroned as King, the one in the west transept upon St. Vincent de Paul, founder of the Vincentian Order. Both windows are composed of antique glass masterfully painted in the Italian Renaissance style. The east occhio, rich in reds and blues, is especially radiant in the morning light; in the afternoon it is quiet and awe-inspiring. Conversely, the west occhio in yellow, orange, and amber is quiet in the morning light, but intensely bright and active by mid-afternoon.

The panel of the Magi Window, a magnificent work, won the Grand Prize for American glass at the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904. The expressions of adoration on the faces of the three kings are matched by the wondrous gifts which they bear and by their robes which are encrusted with precious jewels. The window, flawlessly balanced in color and composition, is made entirely of opalescent glass.

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