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Drehobl Art Glass

Drehobl Art GlassDrehobl Art Glass
• Stained glass front entry in Chicago
This entry way consisting of two sidelights, door and transom incorporates jewels, customs bevels and interesting glass. This makes for a beautiful warm welcome to this home.

• Stained glass front door Chicago
This window is designed in the prairie style which originated around the turn of the last century. The window highlights the unusual colored glass design using a variety of textured pale colored cathedral glass allowing the light to shine through this welcoming door.

• Front door for Lincoln Park Residence - CHICAGO, IL
This window is in a flowing romantic art nouveau style highlighting the warm colored flowers and leafs. The background is a combination of pale green and clear large flemish glass some of which is from Drehobl's inventory of antique glass that has been in the studio since the early 1900s.This unusual glass allows the sun's light to shine through this beautiful entryway.

• Front Door... Interior view
The owners of this home asked to have a custom window made for their front door using elements that would compliment the other stained glass windows in the house. Rick's design incorporates old and new glass with custom bevels made by Chris. It's no surprise the owners were thrilled with the results of this magnificent door!

• Kitchen doors
These abstract doors were inspired by iron gates in Milan Italy that the home owner had seen. The owner wanted glass french doors leading to their kitchen using the design. They feature a variety of textured clear glass. The inside cuts of the glass were very difficult and not recommended to do. However challenging, as you see Rick and Chris's expertise prevailed!

• Music room entry - Skokie, IL
These lovely doors were made for the music room of a home in Skokie, IL. Incorporated in the panels are a variety bevel clusters purchased form one of our suppliers. Clear antique glass is used for the background rectangles and the borders are one inch prism bevels. The doors are pictured here from the inside of the room allowing a tranquil setting for your music enjoyment.

• Art Nouveau Lion Window
This dynamic window is displayed in our showroom. Much of the glass used is old unusual glass we retrieved from our large inventory of glass in our studio. This window would be a great conversational work of art to have in your home. If your astrological sign is Leo it's a plus!

• Installation at Bridgeway of Bensenville
This shows Rick and Chris installing the Dove of Peace Window at Bridgeway of Bensenville an assisted living residence In Bensenville, IL. The window designed by Rick Purro is composed of eight separate panels that were installed in the existing opening that originally had clear glass. The fabrication of the window took several weeks to complete for this breathtaking result!

• Dove of Peace Window
Final look of the window after installation at Bridgeway of Bensenvile assisted living residence.The residence raised the money to have this window made for their all purpose room at the facility.The window looks amazing with the colors changing all day long as the sun shifts from east to west. The dedication service was very moving with many thanks were given to Rick Purro and Chris Drehobl for the outstanding work that they did on this wonderful stained glass window! The room has been transformed into colored light for all to enjoy!

• Bridgeway of Bensenville Dove of Peace Window
This is a close up of the Dove of Peace Window which shows the detailed painting of the dove by Mike Felix.

• George Washington Mayer replica - Kenilworth, IL
This window is an exact replica design of architect George Washington Maher. We made this for a new door at the Kenilworth Club in Kenilworth, IL. All the old glass was matched perfectly and fabricated with colonial zinc just as the original windows. As you can see the sun dances through the glass making a beautiful reflection.

• Frames
This colorful abstract was the first window Rick designed and made. It was made using scrap glass that was in the studio. The colored glass is antique with water glass used for the background. Because of it's value to Rick this window is not for sale.

• Unique glass, jewels,and tiles - Chicago, IL
This is one of two windows designed and fabricated by Rick for his own home in Chicago. The century old glass prism tiles, rare glass jewels and fused glass make these windows very unique. The colors change throughout the day making it a pleasure to view all day long as they cast warm and bright colors on the wall.

• Cabinet doors - Chicago, IL
This is one of two stained glass panels made for cupboard doors in a private residence in the Ravenswood neighborhood in Chicago. The glass used was chosen as such to match the other original stained glass windows in the house which keeps the integrity of the home.

• Sidelite - Edison Park, IL
This window ( to the left ) designed by Rick was made for a sidelight of a front entryway of a private residence in Edison Park, IL. The owners of the home each had something in mind for the window style. The husband wanted a prairie style and his wife wanted ginkgo leafs. Rick accomplished the perfect match. The owners were extremely pleased with this beautiful window!

• New window to cover glass block - Chicago, IL
This window is one of two made for a private residence in Revenswood Manor, Chicago IL. They cover the existing glass block windows in a turret showing from the interior.The glass used is very obscuring with blue granite texture glass for the background. This makes a plain glass block window into a beautiful work of art now with colors shining through!

• Frank Lloyd Wright New Construction Crete, IL
The Family Room pictured here is in a new home built in Crete,Il.The windows inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright were designed by the Architects, Gibbons & Fortman.

• Great Room Crete, IL
The windows pictured here are in the Great Room of the new home in Crete, IL. The stained glass adds to a beautiful open vista with a Frank Lloyd Wright feel which the owner wanted for his new home.Rick and Chris fabricated many windows for this house and they all look incredible!

• Great Room - Crete, IL
This is another window in the Great Room complimenting all the other windows in the room.

• Master Bedroom - Crete, IL
More of the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired windows pictured here in the Master Bedroom of the new home.This continues the open, light feel throughout the home.

• Kitchen Window - Evanston, IL
This was made for a new addition kitchen window for a home in Evanston Il. The owners wanted this window to compliment all the other original windows to the home. We used a pale amber glass with custom bevels by Chris and jewels.It looks beautiful and was a good choice for the new addition!

• Joyce Coat of Arms
Joyce being the maiden name of Chris's mother, this spectacular Coat of Arms Window has special meaning to Chris. Incorporated in the window are custom beveled diamonds by Chris using old plate glass for the diamonds. The Coat of Arms was etched and hand painted on red flash glass and fired in the kiln. The window has endless sparkle!!

• Custom Cabinet Windows
These cabinet windows designed by Rick are a great enhancement to the beautiful,however plain cabinet doors. They feature warm shades of old glass from the studio's stock and custom lead branches done by Rick flow beautifully from one panel to the next making these cabinets very special!

• Custmo Beveled doors for a Lincoln Park residence
These intricate beveled doors designed by Rick were made for a Lincoln Park residence with the home owner's request for a mosaic of bevels and jewels. The linear touch of green glass ties in with the the balcony railing in the home. Major wow factor!

• Four Cabinet Windows
Create for a private residence

• Powder Room window for home - Crete, IL
This beautiful window is pictured here in the powder room of a home in Crete, IL. It features prism tiles from a turn of the century transom window that was in the facade of a storefront in Chicago, IL.

• Religious Window
This window designed by Rick was made for a home owned by a Catholic Deacon.It depicts the Saints, Matthew, Luke, John, and Mark.

• Recreated sconce
This is one of two sconces replicated to match all the other original sconces for a home in Oak Park, IL. Even though a small fixture it was a painstaking effort but we are very proud of the perfect match!

• William Coffeen House - Hinsdale, IL
This light fixture hangs in the hallway of The William Coffeen House in Hinsdale, IL which was designed by prairie Architect George Washington Maher. Rick designed the fixture with elements as to compliment the stained glass windows in the home.

• Art Nouveau stained glass - Chicago, IL
Our interpretation of a design by early twentieth century English architect George Montague Elwood that we made for a master bathroom in Chicago. The graceful leads add to the beautiful flowers making them dance. This work of art is a relaxing piece to view from your tub.
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