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Drehobl Art Glass Co. is the oldest stained glass studio in Chicago and is an important part of the history of stained glass in this city. We have created and restored thousands of pieces of stained glass throughout Chicago and the surrounding area. Examples of our work hang in the Chicago History Museum and in the Smith Museum of Stained Glass on Navy Pier, in addition to numerous churches, synagogues, businesses, and private homes.


Frank Drehobl Sr. and his brother Joseph founded Drehobl Bothers Art Glass Co. in 1919. Frank had been foreman of the glaziers at Flanagan and Biedenweg Co. where he began as an apprentice in 1906. Notably, one of the early commissions of Drehobl Brothers was making stained glass windows for Seeburg player pianos. The Drehobl Art Glass Co. was also one of a handful of companies making the geometric windows for the famed Chicago bungalows that were were being built all over Chicago and its suburbs in the 1920s and 30s.

By 1930 the depression had begun to take its toll on most of the stained glass companies in Chicago as well as the rest of the country. Fortunately however, Drehobl Brothers Art Glass landed a significant commission for Anshe Emet Synagogue, and the work helped the company not only weather the depression, but expand. Not long  after Drehobl received the commission, a craftsman named Joseph Lazar visited Drehobl Brothers looking for work. Lazar had been employed at Munich Studio, another stained glass company which had just shuttered its doors. Frank Drehobl not only hired Joseph, but also the founder of Munich Studio, Max Guler, along with designers/painters Peter Kuler, Herman Schulze, and George Wieoeder. All of these men worked at Drehobl Brothers Art Glass Co for the rest of their lives.

Frank Drehobl Sr. passed away in 1954. His sons Frank Jr. and Robert took the company into its second generation continuing to make stained glass windows for churches, restaurants and homes. Drehobl Brothers Art Glass Co. moved into its 3rd generation when Patricia and Angela (daughters of Frank Jr.) and Bob and Chris (sons of Robert) came to work for the company.

Today Drehobl Art Glass Co. is in its 4th generation of operation with the addition of Chris Drehobl's son Dewey to the team. Chris, the grandson of its founder Frank Drehobl Sr. and Rick Purro a long time employee of the company assumed ownership in 2005. The pair moved the studio to 5108 W. Irving Park Road to consolidate operations after 86 years at their original headquarters location at 2847 N. Lincoln Ave.

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